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Centrifugal fan installation

Earlier this year, we carried out a centrifugal fan installation in Peterborough. Having taken over the annual maintenance of the existing fan units in 2010, we’d kept them going ever since. However, the service life of the fans was coming to an end. After a successful bid to replace both fan units during the client’s annual shutdown period, Lubet designed,  supplied and installed the custom fan units.

Due to the enclosed nature of the installation, positioned on a mezzanine floor, the redundant fans were cut into small sections before being removed from the area in craneable skips. The new fan units were also designed to be modular, enabling the individual parts to be hoisted and manually manipulated into their final position for assembly. This approach was chosen over removing a section of the roof and using a mobile crane, both to minimise cost and overall disruption to the facility.

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